Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my letters?

You should expect your first letter within six weeks of placing your subscription order. Then you will receive one letter each month for the length of your subscription.

Do I need to write letters to my Pen Pal?

While you are encouraged to write as often as your Pen Pal, you are not obligated to do so. With your first letter, you will receive a brief fun questionnaire with a return stamped envelope. This will provide us with enough of your personal information to better personalize the ongoing correspondence. However, any new letters you send will be read and any new information you share in your letters may be used by your Pen Pal. You may send your letters via email or write an actual letter and send it to our mailing address (just include your pen pal number). 

Are the letters written in cursive?

The handwriting and paper used will be different for each historical personality. Efforts are made to use the exact handwriting (or close to it) of the person chosen, as well as types of paper and postage from that period. Some will have very ornate cursive handwriting, while others may actually use a typewriter, if that was their preference for letter writing.

Are the letters historically accurate?

Much of the content of your letters will be sourced from actual correspondence from that person. We aim to be as historically accurate as possible and faithful to the temperament and character of your chosen person.

Will more personalities be added to the list?

As we develop, each month more historical figures will become available. The research and development process for each person is very extensive and may take some time. We are always looking to expand the roster from all areas of history and culture. While the initial list of eventual pen pals we have in consideration is quite extensive, we are always looking for suggestions. If you don't see someone you'd really like to be included, please let us know.