How it Works...

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IT'S AS EASY AS  1, 2, 3 !

1. Choose your Pen Pal from a number of different categories...

2. Select your desired subscription...

3. You should receive your first letter in 4-6 weeks!






With your first letter, you will receive a brief and fun questionnaire that will provide us with information about you that will help better personalize the correspondence!


George Washington

John Adams

Thomas Jefferson

Benjamin Franklin

Abraham Lincoln

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Alexander Hamilton

Queen Elizabeth I

Six Month Subscription

One Year Subscription

Legends Subscription


Each correspondence will begin at a unique and significant time in that person's life. They will not refer to things that have not yet happened.

For example, if you select Abraham Lincoln, the correspondence will begin before he is President and prior to the Civil War. As your relationship progresses, you will receive firsthand knowledge of his thoughts behind the difficult decisions he was forced to make during those trying times.